Strap Up


Also available at Freeze ProShop:

Also available at Freeze ProShop:


We've developed a unique carrying solution for everyday surfers


Every day we see surfers carrying their boards while walking, running, riding, or skating to surf breaks. With anything more than just you and your board, things can get complicated; so we got together as a group of friends to work on an solution to make things easier for the everyday surfer

We knew there had to be a better, more convenient way to carry surfboards - surfboard bags can be awkward and hard to carry, and bike-mounted surfboard carriers are expensive and stuck to your bike

Introducing the Salty Beast Surf Straps. A unique shoulder strap system that makes it easy and comfortable to carry your surfboard whether you ride, skate or walk to the beach

The key to our patent pending design is the slight off vertical angle, which keeps the nose out of the way of the wheel when riding, and out of the way of your feet when walking or skating. Carrying your board around and having your two hands free has never been so easy and comfortable

Find out about our story in the quick video below


Making it easy and comfortable to carry your board anywhere you go