We have a true passion for surf


We are a group of 3 mates that love to surf and are passionate about developing solutions to solve everyday problems for surfers.  We formed Salty Beast to develop simple yet innovative new surf products.


Phelim O’Neill

Grew up in Ireland, learned to surf in France, lives and surfs in Sydney. His Facebook profile says he likes ice creams, talking about feelings & long walks on the beach. I am sceptical to say the least.


Iseult Kirwan 

Taught Phelim how to surf. For which he is very grateful.  Has a habit of falling off horses which is concerning to everyone involved. Especially the other co-owners of this website. Currently holding down SaltyBeast European Headquarters in Dublin


Greg Kabashima

Gregarious Greg, the sailing mogul that cut his teeth in California before moving to Sydney to dominate the harbour (he's not a sailing mogul. in fact, what is a sailing mogul? whatever....). He's the goofy footer that prefers rights to lefts. I dont get it. looks like he is having a bloody good time though.